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Enterprise payments reimagined

As TIS continues to grow, we want to ensure that our evolving corporate identity and positioning in the market are reflected in our brand. To accomplish this, we’ve listened to customers to identify what we do that truly adds value, and concluded that what we do is best described as Enterprise Payment Optimization.Enterprise Payment Optimization is a category, model, and platform TIS is uniquely positioned to define and address. It brings payments to the next level and will optimize the way our clients
Connect to banks, ERPs, and vendors
Collaborate internally and externally with third parties, other clients, and networks
Pay and make secure transactions with our best-in-class applications
Analyze data
Improve how they work and stay organized while supporting finance strategy and business transformation.
The positioning of our new corporate messaging and image is intended to clearly position us in the marketplace, provide greater recognition, and maximize future growth potential. These are exciting times for all of us at TIS, and we want to thank you for your continued commitment and contribution to our success.

Visit www.tis.biz to see how we are reimagining the world of enterprise payments.