Welcome to Zobito

At Zobito, we are committed to discovering and fostering excellence in high potential European enterprise software companies at all stages of business growth. Our unique approach puts a twist on traditional investment strategies by combining a robust investment strategy with hands-on guidance and expert counsel. We act as collaborative partners working hand-in-hand with management teams throughout the execution process. Ideas are King but Execution is King Kong.


Our vision is to be a trusted partner for both high potential software enterprise companies and our investment partners, helping them realize their full potential with a sustainable development strategy that accelerates business growth and delivers a persistent return for everyone involved.

Our Approach

First of all, we only work with companies where we intend to invest. After an initial assessment to validate your business idea, we support your management teams in developing a robust execution strategy through workshops, coaching and guidance. A Zobito team member sits on your advisory board and takes part in key strategic discussions. And we continually monitor success according to clearly defined KPIs using advanced analytics. And since we co-invest with our investment partners we share the risk – meaning you can count on us to be engaged over the long term. This approach is based on trust, transparency, and leadership. It’s a science – not an art. And when all the pieces come together, we like to believe there’s also a little bit of magic.


A Zobito team member who is personally invested in your success sits on your board/advisory board to help define strategic directions.

Value Creation

We work with management teams and board members to develop solid growth plans focused on value creation. Workshops, coaching and mentoring are based on best practice and industry insights. You will have access to our network of experts built over years of trusted collaboration.

Risk Sharing

As co-investors, we share the risk with founders and investors through growth equity and other financial instruments.