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The Art of Exiteering

Notion Insights has published a series of conversations with European tech founders under the title: The Art of Exiteering. In his introduction, Stephen Chandler notes that “an exit event is just one step on the journey of a great company, but a very important one for founders and venture backers.” This is particularly true in the European technology ecosystem which continues its rapid evolution. Business continue to be created and destroyed with equal force. In this disruptive market, exit preparation is therefore vital to success. And this publication offers great insights into the complexities of creating a solid exit readiness plan. We were also pleased about the interview with Zobito Partner Mans Hultman about the Qlik story. One thing that really struck us in reading the article was that some things are surprisingly constant, even in technology. You have to narrow focus, learn fast and never lose sight of your spirit. And you have to go through the same process as you would to build any other kind of company. “It still amazed me that people don’t understand that just like a house, you build a technology business brick by brick,” says Mans in the article. The other big takeaway is that building a corporate culture or increasing sales performance is not an art – it’s a science. To read this incredibly insightful publication in its entirety, go here.