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The first Zobito fund is fully invested

The first Zobito fund (Zobito 1) has reached its investment target with the approval to invest in its 10th portfolio company. Zobito 1 has proven the validity of the Zobito Twist business model. We co-invest into high-growth enterprise software companies, primarily located in Scandinavia, together with European funds within Venture Capital, Growth Capital and Private Equity. We then offer further support in the form of coaching by the Zobito Team to expand even faster, in order to achieve the highest possible investment multiplier.

The Zobito 1 portfolio is comprised of 10 highly attractive investments in various stages of their investment life cycle, starting from the latter stage of early-stage venture capital through to growth-stage private equity. The portfolio has a very promising value potential. Zobito 1 is a MEUR 25 fund of 2013 vintage.