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Zobito had it’s first Exit

Automic Software, Austria has been sold to CA Technologies. In the autumn of 2014, EQT asked Zobito to assess the company focusing on its go-to-market improvement potential. This lead to Zobito team members joining the EQT industrial board with regards to Automic. In February 2015, Zobito also committed to invest. Zobito developed a Platform for Growth Plan and implemented it with strong support from EQT and the Automic management.

The successful implementation of the Platform for Growth Project lead to another Zobito project, the Performance Culture Project, which in turn transformed the company to “One Automic”. Under the 4 years of EQT ownership Automic has doubled its revenues and tripled its EBITDA. This has been achieved through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. The sale is subject to antitrust clearance expected during Q1 2017.

first exit of Zobito